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Baslug has a telegram group. A virtual place where you can have a chat. click here to add yourself in the group.


The Baslug association was born in January 2001, proposing itself as the first LUG of Basilicata. The main purpose of the association is to spread free and open source software. Baslug members are passionate about the GNU/Linux operating system and open source. Baslug is at the forefront of the diffusion of free software and associated cultural aspects. It also provides support for GNU/Linux users.


The Baslug has its headquarters and holds its meetings at the Cecilia, center for creativity in Tito (Pz). On this page you will find the meetings that will be scheduled when the epidemiological situation allows it.

Hardware Donation

The Baslug is open to the donation of PC hardware, notebooks or game consoles.
Warning: we do not collect anything to avoid the risk of being submerged by WEEE.

It is therefore advisable to contact us before bringing the material to be donated.


There are currently no scheduled events. Keep visiting this page to stay updated.


To contact us, write a comment or give us feedback write to us at this Email

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